• Joe decides to run away. Joe, a tiny, clever, but very unhappy, orphan decides to run away from Josiah Bloomingvale Dent's boarding school.  His carefully arranged escape fails.  About to be punished, a letter arrives from Dream Hall.  The letter will change his life.  It happened like this ... 

  • Book 2 of the Joe Series. "In high adventure, courtesy pays." Joe and Toulmouche are back for a bigger, more perilous adventure – but wait … the creepy guys from Book One are also back . . . and this time they brought friends.

  • IF YA’LL HAVE ANY WORRIES LEAVE THEM AT THE DOOR.  WE’LL SHARE OURS – THEY’RE MORE FUN.  SO PUT ON YOUR BIG HAPPY AND JOIN THE HILARIOUS ANTICS OF POSSUM N’ THE KILT DAWG! What happens when a fine and chatty possum and his best friend, Cooter, a young boy, decide to disguise a puppy as a sheep, thwart the county’s pie thieves, and resort to seers and...

  • WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A KITE CRASHES ON YOUR PICKNIC? Forgetting their mother’s warning, brothers Roland and Bjarke and their best pal, Tor, find a new friend and go adventuring with INTI the magic kite.

  • DOES HE SEE IT?  ARE THEY THERE? It is winter and blowing and Tor, a curious gray dog, sees bears on the frozen ice.  OR DOES HE?  He sets out to discover if it’s Bears or Men on the Frozen Ice.

  • Classic Quentin. Never before seen outtakes and dressing room memories of Quentin Crisp. Unedited and Unexpurgated – Pure Quentin. Unadulterated and not for the timid. Tighten your seat belt.

  • The flamboyant Quentin Crisp in re-directed, edited, and restored material. In color and Black and White, this rare and unseen footage was shot in New York shortly before his death in 1999. The British raconteur deposits his wit and wisdom, with not always delicate strokes, on a world haplessly searching of identity.© Golden Mermaid Media UK, Ltd. 


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