Barn Burner Blues

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Barn Burner Blues

Barn Burner Blues


Coming out of that boundless tradition of Southern Country Music and with deep roots in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, Kelly Emerson, an original southern genius, and master of the wild southern strings, wrote, produced and performs Barn Burner Blues.

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Inspired by his Bluegrass Hall of Fame, banjo-playing father, Bill Emerson, Kelly has been `pickin’ n’ playin’ n’ composin’ since he was knee-high to Possum. Why he was so small the warbling tree frogs here in Florida, which you all know are so little a bizzillion of them fit on a dime head, well the frogs thought he was some kinds strange insect an’ intent on puttin’ them outta the night singin’ business seein’ as he was strummin’ on a mighty big electric guitar. Bova Films is proud to use this American original and his creations as the theme music for Possum Tales, Stories from the South.

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Barn Burner Blues

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